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HMRC target self-employed tutors & coaches


The Tax Catch Up Plan for tutors and coaches is a unique time limited opportunity for you to tell HMRC between now and 31 March 2012, about any unreported income you have received and pay what you owe.

By making a disclosure under the Tax Catch Up Plan you will benefit from the best possible terms.

You will need to tell HMRC by 6 January 2012 that you intend to make a disclosure.

If you are paid for providing coaching, instruction or tuition and tax is not deducted and you don't include that income on a tax return or have an adjustment already in your tax code, then you need to use this plan to tell HMRC about that income now.


And if you owe tax in respect of anything else such as capital gains or rental income you can use the Tax Catch Up Plan to tell HMRC about that too.

Your accountant, agent or a third party, nominated by you, such as the Citizens Advice Bureau can notify HMRC on your behalf

What happens if you don't tell HMRC?

HMRC is using legal powers to obtain information about payments made to tutors and coaches from various sources, including the academic, sport, leisure and other sectors.

After 6 January 2012, when the deadline to notify has passed, HMRC will use data from an extensive range of sources to identify those who have failed to come forward and notify their intent to make a full declaration. HMRC uses advanced IT tools such as 'web robot' software which helps identify people who have failed to pay the right tax. Those identified face substantial penalties or even criminal prosecution.

HMRC carries out criminal investigations into any customers whose circumstances meet the criteria within HMRC criminal investigation policy and when this leads to prosecution HMRC will seek the maximum publicity to discourage others from failing to pay the right tax on time. HMRC does not believe that it is fair for the compliant majority to pay for those who cheat their taxes.

Contact us if this affects you or if you'd like more information.

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