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Client Briefings


Planning for pensions Planning for pensions (243 KB)

Planning for pensions.

Tax Planning for the owner managed business Tax Planning for the owner managed business (320 KB)

Tax Planning for the owner managed business.


Child Benefit Child Benefit (299 KB)

Child Benefit.

Are you at risk from IR35 Are you at risk from IR35 (290 KB)

Are you at risk from IR35?

Capital Allowances Capital Allowances (298 KB)

The aim of this briefing is to outline the tax relief position of capital expenditure in buildings.


Tax tips & traps Tax tips & traps (250 KB)

Tax tips and traps for the smaller company.  This briefing focuses on selected practical tax matters for the smaller company so that essential opportunities to maximise tax savings or minimise liabilities are not overlooked.      

Dividends & Loans Dividends & Loans (292 KB)

Avoid pitfalls whilst extracting profits from your company tax efficiently. This briefing considers the tax and other considerations of both dividends and loans for the owner managed business (OMB) trading as a company.


Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) (339 KB)

The Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) has been in place for a number of years and provides tax relief for individuals prepared to invest in new and growing companies. Investors can obtain generous income tax and capital gains tax (CGT) breaks for their investment and companies can use the relief to attract additional investment to develop their business.


Inheritance Tax Inheritance Tax (254 KB)

Are you Will-ing to plan for IHT?  Inheritance Tax (IHT) is a tax that needs to be taken seriously by any individual with assets in excess of £325,000. Taking some basic steps can mean that your family may be able to avoid the worst ravages of an IHT bill after you die.


Furnished Holiday Lets Furnished Holiday Lets (341 KB)

The UK tax treatment of Furnished Holiday Lettings (FHL) has been advantageous for many years. FHL are treated as a trade for certain purposes, provided certain conditions are met. The regime can often be preferable when compared to the tax position for normal property lettings, in particular for an individual’s income tax and capital gains tax purposes as explained.


Exempt or not exempt? Is your house exempt from CGT? Exempt or not exempt? Is your house exempt from CGT? (348 KB)

Everyone knows that when you sell your home you don’t pay any capital gains tax… right?  Not necessarily.  There are a number of reasons that may affect this and may result in tax being due.  We explain the common pitfalls and explain how to avoid them.

Business Payment Support Business Payment Support (62 KB)

There comes a time that we all struggle to pay out taxes on time.   This document explains what to do if you are worried about not being able to pay income tax, corporation tax, VAT, excise duty, PAYE or national insurance currently owing to HM Revenue & Customs.


The Taxman Cometh... The Taxman Cometh... (1978 KB)

We explain what happens if HMRC decide to check your tax returns in detail, what powers they have and what they can look at.


Incorporate Or Not Incorporate Or Not (109 KB)

Should I incorporate?   Will it save me tax?   We explain benefits and disadvantages for each option to enable you to get an idea of whether this option is right for you.


Buy To Let Buy To Let (108 KB)

Are you thinking of buying a rental property?   Do you currently own one?   In this document we explain the pros and cons of property letting.   It's not as easy as you may think. 


Tax Issues On Passing On The Family Company Tax Issues On Passing On The Family Company (49 KB)

Whether you are planning to start a business or already have a business up and running, it is important to consider your long term exit strategy.   If you have not given the matter any real thought this document is definitely worth a read.


Home Is Where The Laptop Is Home Is Where The Laptop Is (48 KB)

Do you work from home?   Do you want to?   We explain the tax rules that you need to consider to avoid any unwanted tax bills.


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